Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday, October 6th, 1974

The race was called off so Terry didn't go to the movie either. But I wasn't about to miss it. I caught the bus but it broke down. By the time the replacement showed up I didn't think I was going to make it. But when I got there, there was no one there! And no one ever came, either! I was the only one. Man, The Penthouse is the smallest theater I've ever seen! No more than 20 seats and a small screen not as wide as my bed is long. I got there in time for the very beginning and left just at the very end so I wouldn't miss the bus. It was only an hour. Caught the bus right outside.

On the way home, I saw some guy I used to know about to make out with a good-lookin' chick! Wow, I wish he was me! They were really going at it behind a trash can in the alley. When I walked by, he said, "Hey, whaddayasay, Steve?" I said "nothin'" and walked on, not looking back. I'm "different," remember?

I got three Cokes from the office.

I hear part of the NatLamp radio show and hated every minute. I'll never listen to that again.


NOTES: The movie, by the way, was MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. Surprised I didn't mention this but my recollection is that the projectionist looked out of his booth and didn't see anyone in the tiny theater (I was in the back row) so he shut off the film! I had to go downstairs and remind them i was up there!

The NATIONAL LAMPOON radio show was a training ground for John Belushi, Gilda Radner and others who became members of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players a couple of years later. Apparently I didn't like what I heard, though. 

No memory of who that guy was in the alley and I find myself wondering now if he wasn't doing something to that girl against her will considering they were hiding in an alley. Ugh. I hope not!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Saturday, October 5th, 1974

IT. It'll probably happen again, too, but hopefully not as often as it did.

Later, Terry came over and we recorded a radio show. Not as good as some we've done but it had its moments. He said he'd go with me to see the Beatles film tomorrow if we could race in the morning. HOT WHEELS!

I got a neat Raquel article out of a detective mag I got at King Kwik.

Mom got me my new scrapbook and I immediately dedicated it to STAR TREK.

Had a bad headache all day.

NOTES: I had pretty much lost interest in Hot Wheels. It was too complicated to set up the track for what inevitably proved a short race. 

The Raquel article was actually in an issue of THE POLICE GAZETTE.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday, October 4th, 1974

We had a pep rally at school for the Holmes/Dixie game. Hah! It was a real laugh!

I went straight over the river to pick up all the new books.

We didn't get to work until after 7:30 so Mom let me get by with just skimming my work so I could get home in time to see PLANET OF THE APES. I sure love "good ol'" Mom but after seeing APES, I'm not expecting it to last. Too bad.


NOTES: I never liked pep rallies, partly because of my overall lack of interest  and school spirit and partly because of the crowds. That said, not sure why I was considering it "a laugh." Guess I was just being a dork.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday, October 3rd, 1974

I got through Gym again. Not very easily, though.

A pretty good day otherwise. Doug and I and Jim Fawcett are doing a science project that's not so hot...yet.

I was supposed to go with Terry to Cincy but didn't.

I'm mad at everyone because no one ever sits next to me on the bus. People would rather stand than sit next to me. Boy! Well, I wouldn't sit next to them either!

NOTES: Jim Fawcett went on to do well, first working as a newspaper reporter and then eventually running a whole darn city! Literally! Saw a photo of him at last week's 35th Reunion (which I didn't go to) and he looks great!

The album charts this week were tied three ways with Rod Stewart's SMILER, The Bay City Rollers' ROLLIN' and John Lennon's WALLS & BRIDGES. Lennon's album has sounded better and better over the years  but I've never cared for Rod Stewart as a singer. The Bay City Rollers is the one of this trio that was uniquely seventies. They were an early Scottish boy band with some semblance of real talent which was largely sublimated by their success when the powers that be tried to cram them into standardized little flavor of the month boxes. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday, October 2nd, 1974

Just when I thought my love for Linda might be dwindling, I had a dream last night of finally meeting her when I snuck into a private sneak preview of AIRPORT 1975. I saw George Kennedy and other stars I knew so I was certain she'd be there. I started looking around and there she was! I told her nervously about what I'd written her. She didn't remember but she did go with me on a date! Well, sort of. And it was all so real! Her voice, her mannerisms, her words! It had to be really her! I know it wasn't me thinking those things. I think it was her mind telling me about her. I love you so much, Linda Blair! AIRPORT '75 starts in two weeks!

Although I saw METROPOLIS with Terry (he didn't have to work) the highlight of the day was the dream. METROPOLIS is good if this were 1926 but the film did lose some stuff over the years. I think I would have enjoyed it much better if it had had SOME sound. Not even any organ music or anything. We didn't stay for the Felix the Cat cartoon.

I subscribed the the school yearbook today.

The temps were very cold but my ears were better.

The Beatles MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR is at the Penthouse. The only film of the Fab Four that I haven't seen and that's only because it was never released in this country.

Oh, Linda, may I dream another sweet dream of you. Oh, Linda!

NOTES: Oh, Linda...oh, please. I was such a lovesick geek.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday, October 1st, 1974

I had some ear trouble today. My cold was still here.

Finally picked up my Geometry book (YAY!) but it made me late for class.

We played basketball in Gym. Yuck!

I caught the early bus.

Terry says he may have to work tomorrow.

The Reds are out of it.

Saw a great movie written by Richard Matheson called THE STRANGER WITHIN with Barbara Eden. Eerie! Saw part of HOUSE OF WAX again, too.

A 50-50 day. Oh, well.

NOTES: No, I didn't know how to play basketball, either. All I knew was that at some point, someone was supposed to throw that ball through that basket. That's about all I know, now, too.  Baseball was my game of choice during the brief period I was into sports. Thus my bothering to note that the Reds were out of the running for the series.

Richard Matheson, who had written the TALES OF TERROR I saw just the day before, had become one of my favorite writers as I discovered more and more movies and TV shows--lots of TWILIGHT ZONE for instance--that he had written. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday, September 30th, 1974

If today was too long, today more than made up for that by being very, very short.

Mr. Hubble was out today. Geometry books are finally in. I'll get mine tomorrow.

Coming home on the bus today, I got to sit next to Sarah Munday. Oh, she is SO attractive! But she hates me. And if she doesn't, she would if she knew me.They all do. I would have loved to have just leaned over on her shoulder like Ron and Kate were doing a couple of seats behind us.

Doug says Josette's pregnant! A likely story but I suppose it IS possible!

I saw TALES OF TERROR again with Price, Poe and Rathbone.

My cold was much better today but still evident. I developed an earache, too.

At work, I got two more folder, at least 20 more perfectly good pens and pencils, three more Donna Fargo albums and a wall map of Louisville. All thrown out by them!

So what can be expected for the last day of September, huh?

NOTES: Donna Fargo used to host a 5 minute daily radio show sponsored by Social Security in the seventies. Basically she would introduce a classic country song and talk very briefly about the performer before and, if time, after. Then there would be a plug for Social Security. I don't even think it aired in the Cincinnati market but since I was working as a janitor at the Social Security office at the time, they would get in box sets of albums monthly that featured all of the episodes and were supposed to be given to the radio stations. They threw them out, still sealed. Needless to say, I took them home and had a big set of them for years. Wasn't much call for rare Donna Fargo 
though, but I did sell them eventually.

As 2102 imitates 1974 yet again, the above paragraph was written by me yesterday in a comment on FB to artist Carol Tyler after she had posted a clip of Donna Fargo, a singer I hadn't heard mentioned in years.

Josette was a girl Doug had gone out with a few times. I don't think there was any fear that he was the father if she was, in fact, pregnant. 

Sarah was someone I had secretly crushed on since kindergarten...literally. Ron and Kate married out of high school but have long since divorced. 

TALES OF TERROR was Roger Corman and Richard Matheson's multi-story Edgar Allen Poe adaptation from about a decade earlier which also starred, along with Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone, the great Peter Lorre.