Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunday, July 28th, 1974

Went over to Terry's and spent hours helping him with his scrapbooks. Although he has some great stuff in them that I don't have, I must say I don't like his as much as mine or Doug's. He did give me a lot of stuff to give Doug's though. I hope he likes it. I got hold of him and he said he'd come up tomorrow to get the clippings I had for him.

I also got myself some good stuff from the Louisville paper.

Terry and I ate a pizza from Pasquale's and while we were were carrying it back to his place, a kitten followed us! We found out that the owners couldn't keep it so he asked Dwight if he could take it. They spent over an hour with that cat while I fooled around with Dwight's guitar. I wish I hadn't sold mine---5 bucks, amplifier and all. Worst deal I ever made. I suggested a name for the cat and he accepted it. Tigra. (Although he pronounced it differently).

I've become more nature conscious lately. I've wanted to just take off my shirt and shoes and walk through something like that nature trail out at King's Island. I've felt lately like I could just give up everything. I like just to be like that...if I were with someone like Linda. Ahhhh, someday. But for now, I'm stuck in a town near one of the county's largest cities where the air pollution has been above the danger level every day this week!

Found some pix of Linda I had overlooked.

Started a Spider-Man index.

NOTES: Terry still has his scrapbooks. He brought a few over a while back. I took all of mine apart about a decade back and just have a couple big boxes of clippings. Easier to store but harder to find anything.

My Dad had bought me the guitar and amp I had begged for when I was 12 but I never bothered to actually learn to play. They sat behind the couch in the living room for a couple years. Every once in a while, I'd plug it up and mess with it a bit. No clue what I was doing, though. So when my next door neighbor saw it and showed me he could play, I offered to sell it to him. He didn't have a lot of money, though, so I sold it to him for $5.00. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I got money (five bucks wasn't chicken feed in them days) and he got a new guitar and amplifier. My Dad, on the other hand, was less than thrilled (to put it mildly) with the deal and in the long run so was I. :(

Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday, July 27th, 1974

I got two old comics and the new RBH with 3 new Linda pix! Terry got soundtrack albums for PLANET OF THE APES and GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD.

We also went to to the S.T.A.R. meeting at the Cincy Public Library. There were about 25 trekkies there and most of them turned out to be comics fans, too. We waited until after 43 but the people running it never showed up. We all stood around discussing things and and had copies made of each other's names and numbers to stay in touch. Maybe one of them will call. We went back around 4 but no one had arrived yet and even the other fans had gone. Now I mean...these were MY kind of fans! I hope someone does call. Some of the girls were pretty...especially one.

I think I should write Debbie. Too shy to call her again.

IT twice again. I destroyed all of my "film" mags, even the ones I just bought the other day. Felt better about it after that.

Naturally tonight of all nights I stayed up to see STAR TREK.

Earlier, I had part of the CBS radio show. They were doing DRACULA with THE EXORCIST's "demon voice," Mercedes MCambridge.

NOTES: Not Debbie again! Sigh...

The S.T.A.R thing was supposed to be a gathering of trekkies with the intent of forming a local fan club and maybe putting on a local convention. I think I had seen mention of it in the newspaper. No idea what happened to the folks that were supposed to be running it but we would hear from them again.

"RBH" stood for RONA BARRETT'S HOLLYWOOD, one of two above-average show biz mags of that period to which the famed gossip columnist lent (licensed) her name. I doubt she had much hands on experience running them. In 2012, this very week, Terry tells me he's found a box of old issues I can have if I want to come pick them up!

DRACULA was the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER adaptation. Here's a link to where you can listen to the entire episode right now.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday, July 26th, 1974

I read the rest of my new books including the Superman Special.

The TV man finally came but he looked at it and said there was nothing wrong. Obviously, he was wrong. After awhile the picture gets okay but at first it's terrible! Oh, well. We're using it again anyway.

The Goodwill people were supposed to come, too, but they didn't. We've still got all the furniture.

IT. Twice.

NOTES: Seen above is what I was referring to as the Superman Special. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thursday, July 25th, 1974

Terry and I went to Cincinnati. We looked at books and posters. I got a few mags with more pics of Linda. No posters. We ate at McDonalds.

We had a lot of heavy work at SS tonight. A real lot!

NOTES: As you know, Wendy's was my fast food of choice. Never really ate at McDonalds much. In fact, I remember the first time my family ate there when I was about seven. For some reason, I hated it. Didn't go back for about 5-6 years. I can't even recall where there WAS a McDonalds in downtown Cincinnati at that time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, July 24th, 1974

Back out to Newport again. DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY was good but not great. Roddy had a small part in the film.

The poster shop had two great Raquel posters but both were sold out. We're going up to the Lemon Starship tomorrow to see if maybe they've got them.

Krogers provided me with TV GUIDE and SIXTEEN which had the perfect picture for the opening of my scrapbook!

Rode the bus all the way this time, both ways, all the way.

THREE MUSKETEERS opened at Ludlow. Hope to catch it Sunday with Doug or Terry or maybe both! They showed the preview for it at Newport along with SPYS and THUNDERBOLT...which I've already seen.

Got another free Coke at work!

IT just had to happen and ruin a good day.

NOTES: First of all, I was NOT stealing Cokes from the Pepsi machine at the office. It just started giving me two when I ordered one!

DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY is a car chase. Period. Stunts, helicopters, cars. There's a sorta-kinda plot and some B-level stars (Peter Fonda, Vic Morrow, Susan George) but it's all just an excuse for car chases. As car chase movies go--and there are a surprising amount of them--it really isn't bad. If you're expecting the least bit of anything else, you'll be disappointed. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday, July 23rd, 1974

The TV man was supposed to come this morning so Mom and Dad did my work so I could wait for him.

Doug and I caught a Cold Spring bus and it took us right to the Newport Shopping Center. Just down the block was the Newport Plaza and the cinemas. We each saw our respective films and we each loved them. I enjoyed BUTCH & SUNDANCE so much it might beat out EXORCIST in my Top 10!
Coming home we walked most of the way, stopping at A & P. No new comics, though. We caught a bus closer than where I caught it the other day. We may go back tomorrow to see DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY and visit a poster shop. MUSKETEERS didn't make it. Maybe next week.

NOTES: Curious as to why my parents were off work on this day. Also curious as to why and how we were working in the morning. Where were the day staff? That's what it says, though. They covered me so I could wait for the TV guy in the morning. Oh, well.

I have no memory whatsoever of this split movie trip with Doug.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday, July 22nd, 1974

Doug came down and we finished his scrapbook. I think it turned out at least as good as mine. Mom even let him come help me at work. Tomorrow, we've talked about going to the Newport Plaza to catch 99 & 44/100 PERCENT DEAD. While he does that, I'd see BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID. Wednesday, I may go back out with either Doug or Terry to catch THE THREE MUSKETEERS or DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY.


Also watched a debate between Barbie Lewandowski, the Pet of the Month in that issue of PENTHOUSE I was looking at yesterday, and some crazy guy who thinks it's his right to censor the whole world. I'm seriously thinking of writing her to say I support her views. After all, she got $2000.00 for a few pix. That's probably more than she made in a month at the teaching job they fired her from.

It's hard to believe but Doug saw THE EXORCIST yesterday! A friend asked him to go and he did. Last Saturday he wouldn't even look at pictures from it. Oh, well, he didn't like it anyway.

IT. Twice.

NOTES: Did I mention that Doug was from a very religious family? They lived in a Church! His Mom was the caretaker of the Church and their apartment was attached to the side of it in a normal looking building but there was aside door that took you inside the Church. So, yeah. His seeing THE EXORCIST was a surprise.

I tried to find out whatever happened to Barbie Lewandowski but do you realize how common a name that is? Weird! 

That's Barbie's issue. Not sure if that's her on the cover.

I've always been against censorship. Discretion, yes. But not censorship. And I never understood the concept of considering a woman to be a bad person just because she poses with her clothes off. In recent years, I've actually photographed one nude model myself  (when I was trying to be a professional photographer) and I know her to be a good person all around. The toughest part was correctly lighting the naked body. MUCH tougher than when the model is clothed!