Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday, June 16th, 1974

We went to Church. Today is Father's Day.

Almost accidentally did IT later but I can't risk my horoscope not turning out right tomorrow.

After about six years of the same record player, I finally today picked up a new needle along with a Nilsson record from SON OF DRACULA.

NOTES: I've been a big Harry Nilsson fan ever since I first heard that smoooooth voice of his. He really wasn't an actor though and SON OF DRACULA, a drug-fueled horror musical produced by and co-starring Ringo Starr (as Merlin) ended any hope that he might be, Had some good music though including DAYBREAK, the record I bought on this day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday, June 15th, 1974

I went with Dad over to the Post Office early this morning and took some pictures along the way. He let me out downtown on the way back and I went to OBS. They've sold almost their entire collection up front.

Narrowly avoided IT later in the day but the point was I DID avoid it thanks to thinking about my horoscope. IE: "Cupid has special plans for you." I hope for once it's true.

I passed up NATIONAL LAMPOON to get Dad a Father's Day card. I'm glad I did that.


NOTES: I still have the pics I took that day including one of my dad walking toward the Post Office (where he worked) while I sat in the car. You can see him walking away and you can also see me in the rear-view mirror holding my camera to take the photo. Of course, I couldn't find it to post here but I know I've seen it recently.

HOW TO SUCCEED... was, after CABARET, one of the few soundtrack albums I ever bought...and I picked it up used. Not a huge fan of the movie but I do enjoy the songs.

In another odd time coincidence, today in 2012 I mailed out what I believe was my last original issue of NATIONAL LAMPOON to a person who bought it from me over the Net the other day. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday, June 14, 1974

The television man was supposed to come today but I ventured across the river anyway. Later he called and explained that he couldn't make it anyway.

I got VAMPI, SPIRIT and FIGHTING STARS with another great big article on Bruce Lee. Also got TBG in the mail and later on Terry stopped by and gave me the new MONSTERS UNLEASHED to make up for the buck fifty he owed me.

Had seven coneys but it made me a bit sick for a while.

Mrs. Pritchett brought down her grandbaby for a while tnight. I'm not used to babies and I don't want to get used to them as I never want one.

NOTES: FIGHTING STARS was a magazine about celebrity martial artists that fortuitously premiered only weeks before Bruce Lee's death. Their initial cover story was on ENTER THE DRAGON and how Bruce was poised to become a big star. After he died and the film was released, it became a huge seller and lasted several years with every issue seeming to feature more Bruce articles amidst stories of Robert Conrad and William Shatner breaking boards and Larry Hagman (bald with a porn star mustache) doing high kicks. As the martial arts craze settled down after a few years, the mag went away.

As a kid I ate 2 coneys ata  time, then 3, then 4, 5 and 6. Around this time, I was experimenting with moving up my regular meal to 7. Didn't work. 6 ended up being my ideal as far as being filling and not tearing up my gastrointestinal system. To this day, I get 6 at a time when we can afford them at all...although I often eat 3 and save 3 for later. 

I was never around babies much. Little kids, sure. But not babies. My friend Timmy got a baby brother when we were 5 but we moved away soon after. Debbie had a baby brother but she had little to do with him when I was around so I didn't see him much. She and I once babysat for a little baby girl for a couple hours but the baby mostly slept while we watched TV. My cousins Rachel and Andrea were babies when i met them but we only saw them once a month or so and they grew quickly. There just weren't a lot of babies I ever knew!

That said, I think it was the lack of experience with them that made me write I didn't want any. Later on, after I'd been married a few years,  my "biological clock" kicked in. I would see fathers and daughters come into my store shopping and I absolutely started longing for a daughter. I wanted a daughter right up until the moment they told us ours was a boy. Immediately then I wanted a son more than anything in the world. And I ended up with the best one ever!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursday, June 13th, 1974


I went and got 3 burgers and then Dad got me 2 more later!

I watched Lilias' Yoga show.

I fixed the alarm clock to wake me up at 1 AM so I could catch TOMORROW with comic collector Mitchell Mehdy, the guy who bought ACTION COMIC # 1 for $1801.26. He didn't sound to knowledgeable fan-wise but he sure had some good books there including MICKEY MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS from 1938, the only existing copy in the world! There were also a couple of fully clothed streakers as guests. Overall, it was worth the hour of sleep I lost.

I took the Coke picture, today.

NOTES: LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU was a long-running PBS yoga show based locally out of Cincinnati's WCET, Channel 48. Lilias Folan was kind of hot. Years later, she came in my store once or twice.

TOMORROW was Tom Snyder's sometimes controversial overnight talk show. 

Mitchell Mehdy is apparently now a prominent attorney in San Diego. At the time he was ridiculed for paying so much for a comic book that used to be worth ten cents! He got tons of publicity though. In more recent times, of course, ACTION COMICS # 1 has been selling for more than a million and a half. 

Wish I knew what that Mickey Mouse comic book was that he had. The closest I can find listed is a 1939 one entitled MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MICKEY MOUSE which is listed as "Rare" but hardly the only existing copy.

I think the Coke picture was one where I tried to be artsy. I set up a cardboard background and positioned various Coke bottles around it to take a photo. I was teaching myself about design but it really didn't work out well. I don't think I have it anymore. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday, June 12, 1974

Well, I mailed the letter. I hope she gets it. I also wrote and mailed my penpal letter.

There aren't any films that I'll see this week although there are a few I'd like to. But not in Louisville. We got the COURIER-JOURNAL from down there and there wasn't even anything worth clipping out.

I played my Marlo album and The Partridge Family's Christmas record this afternoon. Unorthodox, yes, but it made me feel good. Later  on I saw Marlo on MERV.

Late tonight we got our own new telephone books delivered. We gave the man all 27 old ones they threw out at the Social Security office!

NOTES: I really used to enjoy playing Christmas music in the summer. Always made me feel good...and cool on a hot day! I find in recent years I don't tend to listen to it even in the Winter. A PARTRIDGE FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD was a pretty good album as pop Christmas records went. The highlights were a couple of songs where Shirley Jones soloed, something that just didn't happen on other Partridge albums. In fact, she was rarely on the other albums at all!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuesday, June 11th, 1974

I wrote what I think is a very nice letter to Linda. I'm praying that she'll answer it. I'll probably mail it tomorrow.

THE SUPER COPS is through being read.

For once tonight there was something good on TV for a change. THE SNOOP SISTERS.

I saw Rex Reed on DONAHUE. Saw the creator of Barbie on TV, too.

The Cool Ghoul will be back for a telethon on Saturday.

I got to work early and finished by 6:30.

A nearly perfect day was dampered but not ruined by IT.

NOTES:I sold that copy of THE SUPER COPS a long time ago but ended up getting a different copy a few years ago in a box of assorted paperbacks.

The Cool Ghoul was Cincinnati's own horror host but he'd been off the air for a couple of years by that point. He would continue to make appearances until his passing nearly three decades later!

Film critic Rex Reed was (and presumably still is) an arrogant know-it-all but I do enjoy his writing. Today in 2012, Facebook suggested I friend him as we have several mutual friends!

THE SNOOP SISTERS was a fun but short-lived mystery series in the 90 minute Mystery Movie mode. It starred Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick as two aging, eccentric mystery writers who constantly stumble upon real mysteries. I was able to re-watch the whole series a couple of years back and it holds up very well indeed. 

I'm so embarrassed by all this gushy Linda Blair stuff.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday June 10th, 1974

Yesterday, I found out that Linda would be in AIRPORT, 1975. Today I received her writing address from the ENQUIRER. Tomorrow I'll write her. I hope.

Wasn't sick at all today.

I saw Marlo Thomas and Barry Manilow on TV this morning.

I took the trash out early and so was home to see TARZAN again.

The guy next door gave off hints that he's a teacher and that he would be teaching at CJH next year. Ah, good ol' CJH!

I pray that Linda writes me back. Who knows? Maybe we'll start a long friendship!

I hear from Terry that SUPERDAD is coming near and DELIVERANCE, too. Might see that but probably not. DIGBY maybe?

NOTES: I had mentioned recently about Dean Jones in SNOWBALL EXPRESS. Jones had been Disney's major leading man for several years but behind the scenes had developed a drinking problem. The studio quietly tried replacing him with Ken Berry and, in SUPERDAD, Bob Crane, both squeaky clean types. Only it turned out Crane wasn't at all squeaky clean as he was a sex addict whose reputation by that point was getting the better of him. SUPERDAD reportedly sat on the shelf for a year before finally being released. I wouldn't see it until a few years later on TV. Crane would infamously be murdered not long after I finally saw it. 

Not sure why I noted seeing Barry. I wasn't a big fan of his. Years later, though, my wife would convince me to see a concert and it was the best live concert I had seen up to that time. 

Sigh...this pining over Linda Blair is getting embarrassing. She's one of my Facebook friends. Hope she doesn't see this. 

DELIVERANCE? Really? Doesn't seem like it would have been my type of flick at all at that point.