Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thursday, May 30th, 1974

Oh, the IPS exam seemed easy! I hope it was! I know I missed some though. I left a few blank and wasn't sure of a couple in Health.

I brought all my books home and studied some. I've got just 24 hours and one more exam to go.

I got out a bit early today.

I sold Tim those two movie passes so he could see PAPILLON. He gave me a dollar and I had only asked for 50 cents! I'll probably see BADLANDS this Sunday at The Place.

I drew a picture of Linda Blair as Regan in the movie. I think it's pretty good.

NOTES: I thought this was the picture I drew that day but this one is dated a year later, 1975. I think the one I drew that day was just a close-up of the possessed face. Yuck!

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