Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thursday, November 21st, 1974

I had forgotten that I had to stay with Mom after work tonight but I managed to convince her to let me come home early. First thing I did was call Debbie again. THE LINE WAS BUSY! I'm beginning to think destiny doesn't want us to get together again. Couldn't try anymore tonight because Mom came back.


At school we heard the 3rd and last part of DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

We played basketball in Gym again and went to Lab in Spanish.

I got a 96 on the Spanish test we had yesterday.

I found a strange counting device and sunglasses at work.

After I'd been home for a while I went over the river. It was very cold and the feeling of Christmas permeated the air! I got a DC Christmas special book, TV GUIDE, APES and the new 16 with part two of Linda's life story. Saw a poster at Kidd's for the Comic Con. It says it will cost $1.25 to get in. I also saw the poster for MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN at the Times.

NOTES: Not much to say on this except that I have no idea what that strange counting device was.

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