Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday, December 4th, 1974

A bit better day at school but still no Home Room/English teacher.

Doug was out today, too, so Jay was my partner in identifying rocks in Science.

I began writing a story combining DM and Nightmare.

I got a Jack Davis poster at work.

I watched the return episode of Tony Orlando and Dawn as well as Jim Backus and Charo on MERV. Later on PBS, I saw Douglas Fairbanks, Sr in THE AMERICANO.

Terry called. He's gone really GREEN HORNET crazy! He wanted so badly to know who played in THE GREEN HORNET that he called Mary Wood at the Post to find out. He says he might buy my GREEN HORNET pinback button. I'll try to find it tomorrow.

The only movie that changed out this week was HARRY AND TONTO.

NOTES: Can't recall the Jack Davis poster. If I got it at work, it was probably Social Security-related.

Don't think I have any traces of that Nightmare/DM story left.

This MAY have been the first time I ever saw Doug Fairbanks in a movie. Certainly one of the earliest. 

As far as that GREEN HORNET pinback button, I guess I couldn't find it then because I still have it now. Say, I wonder if Terry would still be interested? "I'll try to find it tomorrow."

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