Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thursday, February 28th, 1974

The last day of the second month already. I taped the school band concert for Arthur (he was in it) but apparently I did something wrong or accidentally erased it.

Tonight I saw a very entertaining evening of TV which included, among other things, Jim Kelly, a discussion of THE EXORCIST and a vintage Laurel and Hardy feature!

NOTES: I got my very first tape recorder around 1970. It was a reel to reel recorder and I always had problems with threading the reels. Not sure when cassettes came in big but I know by this point, I had a cassette recorder that looked much like this one.

Sometimes I would tape songs I like from the radio. Other times I would sit quietly for two hours or so and record the entire soundtracks of movies like BATMAN, FIREBALL 500, FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON and DALEKS' INVASION EARTH-2150 A. D. 

After a while, my friend Terry and I would just sit and be goofy for the run of the hour long tape. I wish I'd taped my parents voices more. I still have a couple of very brief bits with them. 


Kirk G - The Thrifty Rocketeer said...

By coincidence, my father was involved in the development of the KAY-set as he pronouced it. He claimed it was a Japanesse or SONY product, and his small electrical motor company was bidding to supply the factional horsepower motors for it. That's why WE had one in our house YEARS before anyone else...and had no one to share tapes with...nor any market to buy the cassettes from yet. Record Club of America didn't stock cassettes yet, at the time!

Raj said...

According to Cincinnati Enquirer TV listings:

Jim Kelly, at the time the star of Black Belt Jones, guested on Merv Griffin this night.

On PBS ch 48 (WCET) were several b+w comedy movies with Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, and WC Fields. (no mention of Laurel & Hardy, guessing maybe switchup in programming)