Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tuesday, April 23rd, 1974

I finally went and looked at Tim's comics. I bought about six of them for a nickel apiece. I'm to sell the rest for him next weekend for $4.75 and I get to keep the 75 cents! Also, Terry owes me $1.50.

I'll probably see THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (the first ad on the first page of my first scrapbook from a couple years back) finally this weekend at The International '70.

MAGNUM FORCE starts up at the Madison tomorrow.

I watched Roddenberry's PLANET EARTH on TV tonight.

NOTES: Wow. High finance 1974 style. Terry owing me $1.50 was a big amount then. This week in 2012, I'm selling him some DVD's worth about 50 times that much. Things change. 

I don't know why I skipped THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE when it first came out. Considered the first in the seventies disaster movie trend, it was by Irwin Allen who had made many of my favorite childhood TV series including LOST IN SPACE and THE TIME TUNNEL. It also had a genuinely all-star cast including a number of my favorite actors like Roddy McDowall and even my future real-life friend Bob Hastings. 

PLANET EARTH was a semi-sequel/semi-remake of Gene Roddenberry's post-STAR TREK pilot, GENESIS II. The original starred a quirky actor named Alex Cord. This one starred the more traditional John Saxon, a favorite of mine since ENTER THE DRAGON (as well as a future Facebook friend) but I didn't think he worked as well. I watched both versions again in 2011 and I stand by that. 


Steve Reed said...

And wasn't Diana Muldaur in at least one Star Trek episode?

I think "Airport" was the first '70s disaster movie -- but "The Poseidon Adventure" was probably the first GOOD 70's disaster movie. :)

Booksteve said...

Diana Muldaur was not only in one STAR TREK episode, she went on to co-star in the 2nd season of ST-TNG in the eighties. In fact, she was in pretty much everything during the late sixties and all through the seventies! During this same period here, she was Sam's girlfriend on McCLOUD in a semi-regular role, also.

Can't believe I forgot AIRPORT.Thanks for the reminder. I actually love that movie! More a soap opera with a disaster though.

Ace Dan said...

Diana Muldaur was one of only a very few who appeared in two separate STAR TREK episodes as different major characters:

– Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968) … Dr. Miranda Jones
– Return to Tomorrow (1968) … Ann Mulhall

She has always been a favorite of mine. I thought she added much more to STAR TREK:TNG than Gates Mcfadden's Dr. Crusher. She was the only character with the backbone to stand up to Picard when he was wrong.

Analogmoon said...

I love all those films - Genesis II, Planet Earth, Strange New World. One of these days I am going to buy the dvds. I think the price just went down somewhat on Amazon.

Steve Reed said...

Yes, you're right, Steve -- "Airport" was more soap opera than anything else!

I don't know the Star Trek TNG series as well as the originals, so I didn't realize Diana was in that too. I'll have to catch up with those someday!