Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday, May 6th, 1976

Yesterday I moved my bed and expanded my office area.

After a pretty bad day at school, I went over to Ohio and got THE SPIRIT set # 2, a few GAZETTES and the brand new TV GUIDE already.

NOTES: THE SPIRIT sets were bagged black and white reprints of Will Eisner's classic comic strips. Ten came in a plastic bag, thus they are also known as the Spirit Bags. I had bought the first one the year before. I think there were only four sets released eventually. 

I'm actually selling the first two SPIRIT bags on my sale blog if anyone is interested. The one in the back of this shot is the one I bought on this date 38 years ago.

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Bryan W. Frazier said...

The year is incorrect. It should be 1974 !!