Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wednesday, May 8th, 1974

I finished work early tonight.

Did well in volleyball in Gym. Hopefully I fare as well with it again tomorrow.

I'm almost finished with my second Arkon story, THE DARK AGE. It's the longest I've ever written.

Just realized it's been about a year since I recorded for WCLU.

NOTES: Arkon was a sword and sorcery character I had created the year before. He was sort of a combination of Merlin and Kull, a king but also a wizard--a warrior wizard, in fact, capable of turning his hand into a flaming sword. Ultimately I would write (and finish!) three stories of Arkon.

WCLU was a country music radio station locally. In 8th grade, they had had a contest for most creative essays about America. The three winners, myself included, were driven to the tiny radio station (housed in the building above behind a local strip mall) where we recorded our essays to be played on the air on Memorial day. While we were there we were each drafted to record plugs fro the station's coverage of the Indy 500, also. This was my very first time in a radio studio. I was in love with teh idea. I wanted so much to do that a s a living at that point and every once in awhile over the next dozen years or so until I met a  number of folks in the business and realized how insecure it was.

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Raj said...

Two TV movies that served as pilots for 74-75 season shows aired this day, and I watched both the past couple weeks:

Lucas Tanner - Still weird seeing David Hartman outside morning show host. But worked as teacher who cares. Heavy topic, a students death that puts him in jeopardy, and more of young Kathleen Quinlan.

"In Tandem" - pilot to Movin' On. Akins and Converse meet first time, the chemistry is strong out the gate! (never finished season 1...)