Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday, September 27th, 1974

I got my first copy of THE HOLMESPUN. It had some rotten things in it but i suppose it better than the stuff in that "underground" paper. The great thing was about free films at the Public Library. I've never been in there before but I can't wait to go, now. 1914 METROPOLIS and the Chaney PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! The first is next week! Told Terry and he said he may come.

I went to Doug's after school and then with him to where he works where I caught an Eastern bus home. Had the same driver of the morning Rosedale I catch. Ha! Thought I would get off a little closer but I didn't. The bus doesn't stop at the closest corner. Every other corner mind you but not mine. That's dumb.

NOTES: Hard to believe I had never been to the Public Library at this point but I had not. To be fair, I had, in fact, been to the Public Library, just not since it had opened its new--oddly much more convenient to me--location about three years earlier. Just never had a reason to go. I bought the books I wanted. In later years, I would spend quite a bit of time at that location when son David was little. Beyond that, when I briefly worked for a different branch of the Public Library, I actually spent one day working at that original location. 

METROPOLIS, of course, was the classic 1927 movie. Don't know if it was my mistake to say 1914 or if that's the way they had it in THE HOLMESPUN.

THE HOLMESPUN was the school's official "newspaper." Near the end of the previous year, I had been contacted by someone about becoming the anonymous editor of an unofficial, underground paper at the school. Sounded risky to me and I turned it down. Not sure I ever actually sa w acopy while I was attending. Maybe they couldn't find anyone to take it over and it folded?

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