Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday, September 29th, 1974

My sore throat is now a rotten cold! I didn't sleep well at all. Felt terrible. I started taking some prescription medicine i had left over from the last time I felt like this.

I spent several hours this morning returning to the "good old days" by playing my Beatles singles and reading books.

Man, it was a really long day.

Mom and Dad went to see the Reds. I stayed home and watched a Martin & Lewis flick on TV. Later tonight, Joey Heatherton was on with Sonny Bono and I watched Bronson in THE VALACHI PAPERS. It was really good!

NOTES: THE VALACHI PAPERS was based on the true story of the testimony of gangster Joe Valachi. It was one of the last really good roles Bronson had before becoming labeled as an "action star" and then later an exploitation star. What a terrible poster, though!

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Raj said...

The Martin and Lewis flick was "The Stooge" (1953).