Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 31st, 1974

IT. Bought a new mag. Too bad. Also got a lot of neat comics and mags, too, including the two newest EC reprints from Kidd's. It's about time!

WEBN played the whole Christopher Lee album in honor of Halloween. Not many trick-or-treaters here tonight but we did get a few.

Football in Gym again. Yuccchh!! My shoe string broke during it, too. Had to invent a whole new creative way to tie it.

Terry's Mom and Dad were sentenced to one day in jail each for allowing him to miss 122 days of school last year! UNFAIR!! I don't suppose I can expect him to see the movie this weekend now. Oh, well.

Watched Dean Martin roast Bob Hope late tonight.

The new bank at 4th and Madison is getting ready to open.

Looked at the book in Spanish class. Has 4 or 5 great pix of Linda plus 3 from THE EXORCIST.

NOTES: Had forgotten that about Terry's parents. I think what happened wasn't so much that he randomly missed 122 days but he had actually quit school to go to work full-time at McDonalds. Looks like he went a few weeks at the beginning of the school year, then quit. The odd part was that his parents had specifically bought a house directly across the street from a high school so he could easily attend. His Mom still lives there, today! Terry would quickly get a GED long before the rest of his class actually graduated.

Not sure why I was so adamant about it being unfair, though. In retrospect, the sentence seems like nothing more than a judicial slap on the wrist.

Not sure why I bothered to note that new bank opening, either. I never had an account there and I don't think I ever knew anyone who did!

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cartoonjoe said...

I have an account there, back when it was Central Trust.