Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunday, November 3rd, 1974

Got up early, watched some TV and read. Then we went to see CHARIOTS OF THE GODS?  It wasn't as good as it could have been, partly because of the lack of Rod Serling's narration. I had hoped it would have it. An article about Von Daniken in the paper this morning said that they found genetic formulas on cave walls of the mutations that the aliens used to make the cave men what they were. If that's true, that wold really be something!

I got a paper poster ad for the new BILLY JACK movie at the theater and I began my second DEADMAN folder.

Tonight I saw part of THE GENERAL on Channel 48, an old Buster Keaton film!

NOTES: As I mentioned before, I was really into all the ancient astronaut stuff that was prevalent at the time. While I think some of it was stretching the premise, there are parts that still make sense to me today!

This was probably the first time I saw even a portion of THE GENERAL. I knew Keaton from the BEACH PARTY movies and TV appearances he did late in life but was just beginning to discover his classic silent movies. Eventually, Buster Keaton would become one of my all-time favorite film stars and easily my favorite silent comic. 

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