Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday, October 1st, 1974

I had some ear trouble today. My cold was still here.

Finally picked up my Geometry book (YAY!) but it made me late for class.

We played basketball in Gym. Yuck!

I caught the early bus.

Terry says he may have to work tomorrow.

The Reds are out of it.

Saw a great movie written by Richard Matheson called THE STRANGER WITHIN with Barbara Eden. Eerie! Saw part of HOUSE OF WAX again, too.

A 50-50 day. Oh, well.

NOTES: No, I didn't know how to play basketball, either. All I knew was that at some point, someone was supposed to throw that ball through that basket. That's about all I know, now, too.  Baseball was my game of choice during the brief period I was into sports. Thus my bothering to note that the Reds were out of the running for the series.

Richard Matheson, who had written the TALES OF TERROR I saw just the day before, had become one of my favorite writers as I discovered more and more movies and TV shows--lots of TWILIGHT ZONE for instance--that he had written. 

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Tom said...

I became aware of Richard Matheson through the movie Somewhere in Time (and the book it was based upon, Bid Time Return). It wasn't until then I realized how many of my favorite Twilight Zones he had written, not to mention The Incredible Shrinking Man, I Am Legend and Trilogy of Terror.