Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday, October 2nd, 1974

Just when I thought my love for Linda might be dwindling, I had a dream last night of finally meeting her when I snuck into a private sneak preview of AIRPORT 1975. I saw George Kennedy and other stars I knew so I was certain she'd be there. I started looking around and there she was! I told her nervously about what I'd written her. She didn't remember but she did go with me on a date! Well, sort of. And it was all so real! Her voice, her mannerisms, her words! It had to be really her! I know it wasn't me thinking those things. I think it was her mind telling me about her. I love you so much, Linda Blair! AIRPORT '75 starts in two weeks!

Although I saw METROPOLIS with Terry (he didn't have to work) the highlight of the day was the dream. METROPOLIS is good if this were 1926 but the film did lose some stuff over the years. I think I would have enjoyed it much better if it had had SOME sound. Not even any organ music or anything. We didn't stay for the Felix the Cat cartoon.

I subscribed the the school yearbook today.

The temps were very cold but my ears were better.

The Beatles MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR is at the Penthouse. The only film of the Fab Four that I haven't seen and that's only because it was never released in this country.

Oh, Linda, may I dream another sweet dream of you. Oh, Linda!

NOTES: Oh, Linda...oh, please. I was such a lovesick geek.

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Raj said...

The Petrocelli that aired on this day "Edge of Evil" guest stars William Shatner and Harrison Ford, pits the Trek against the Wars early on...

(just needed to tell someone... )