Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saturday, January 5th, 1974

Although I awoke this morning anticipating that i would finally get to see the movie I'd been wanting to see so bad, I found that i wouldn't be able to again today. I did, however, pick up quite a few good comics and a record.

Later I found out that Doug was in the hospital for appendicitis!

NOTES: Doug had been my other best friend in grade school besides Terry. I had two! We had met in fourth grade and become both pals and also--at least in my mind--rivals for the affection of my dream girl. Debbie. Debbie had moved in the sixth grade--1970--and, after a year or so, we stopped staying in touch but, as I never really had anyone to replace her with, she would remain my "ideal woman" (in spite of the fact that she was thirteen when I had last seen her) for several years more. 

In fifth and sixth grades, I walked up to Doug's house every morning and then we'd walk to school together. He lived in a church or at least an apartment connected to a church. His mother was the caretaker there. As elementary school became junior high, like so many things, our relationship changed and we grew apart. We were still friendly but we no longer saw each other as much, even in school. I still called him now and then, though, and that's probably how I found out his health issues here. I never had my appendix removed so the operation fascinated me.

The movie referred to here was, again, THAT MAN BOLT, a fun film that I wouldn't see for another 37 years! Wonder if Terry ever saw it? Since I was spending an awful lot of time hanging out on the streets of downtown Cincinnati, it was only natural I'd see a number of the blaxploitation films of the seventies since they tended to play mainly in the urban cinemas and Cincinnati still had a number of those at that time--The Albee, The Place, The Studio, The Times, The International '70, The Grand and The Skywalk!

I wish I'd bothered to note what the record was that I bought. I was still getting the hang of things with this journaling business. 

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Raj said...

Included in my 70's binge-a-thon is M*A*S*H (I do enjoy it, but it's more to say I went through its whole run) Just finished this date's episode "Henry in Love".

(I've watched whole runs of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show and most of All in the Family (up to 1979) in previous years. eh movin on...)