Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saturday, February 23rd, 1974

I got some more issues of THE GAZETTE as well as a few other things. THE COMIC BOOK BOOK is finally out, also! I need to start saving up $9.95 to get that on!

NOTES: THE COMIC BOOK BOOK was the long-awaited sequel to the already classic personalized history of comics entitled ALL IN COLOR FOR A DIME. That book was a collection of essays by many different writers from an early sixties sci-fi fanzine. This one featured more of the same but purposely written for this volume. 

Edited by Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson, as had been the original volume, this one includes pieces by them as well as Don Glut, Mike Barrier, Maggie Thompson and Ron Goulart. In the years since, I met Don, had a story I myself wrote appear in a book alongside one by Dick, I'm Facebook friends with Maggie (and her daughter, Valerie) as well as Mr. Goulart and have exchanged email correspondence with Messrs. Glut and Barrier. I love teh Interwebs.

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