Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday, March 10th, 1974

I started off the day by seeing a lady only in her underwear! Oh, my! What a feeling! I'd hate tp know what it would feel like to actually see a naked lady!

I worked most of the day on my SCE's and then watched TV all evening. Saw Chris Lee on GREAT MYSTERIES.

NOTES: THE GREAT MYSTERIES was a rerun of an episode of that syndicated anthology series hosted by Orson Welles. Lee and Jane Seymour, only recently made famous by her appearance as a Bond Girl the summer before, co-starred in an Arthur Conan Doyle adaptation entitled THE LEATHER FUNNEL.

Welles to me, at this point, was that hammy fat guy who did magic tricks and commercials. It was only later I would come to a respect for his work as an actor and a director.

As far as the lady, here's the story. I was up way early for some reason and started out to get the newspaper, I stood in the front hallway of the apartment building  and pulled the window curtain aside to see if the paper was out there yet. When I did, I glanced across the street and saw a full-grown blonde woman in a second floor window just standing there taking in the a short, low-cut negligee! It was a large window so I could see her from about the knees up. The house across the street was owned by an eccentric millionaire who was, to the best of my knowledge, unmarried, so I'm not sure who this lady was but she stood there just looking around for several long minutes...not having a clue that I stood there looking around--at HER!--for those same several long minutes! I was fifteen years old and I couldn't even imagine being that lucky! Wow!

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