Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday, March 24th, 1974

I did IT again today in hopes that I won't do it tomorrow while I'm off school.

Worked on my school notebooks today and made a couple of folders for myself, also.

I've decided that I'll probably go back up to Horn's tomorrow morning.

NOTES: Horn's was the junk shop Terry and I had discovered a few years earlier that had some excellent old comics for only a nickel. Picked up quite a few key Silver Age books there in the early seventies and even a few fifties titles! The place was always a mess, much like Fred Sanford's junkyard on TV.  But week after week, it seemed like they had new boxes of old comics! After a few years, as word got out that comics were collectible, they quit getting the good stuff in. 

I also bought an entire set of James Bond paperbacks there for a dime each, Harvey Kurtzman's HELP paperbacks and quite a few other gems! Even MYRA BRECKINRIDGE with that great Raquel cover. Even though I didn't see the picture until 1980 and the coming of home video, I had the book and even the movie poster, as seen here.

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