Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday, March 19th, 1974

Saw some great TV today! Ray Bradbury, my favorite writer, and Jerry Stein, my favorite movie critic, were both on Channel 48. Later in the night, I saw Vincent and Roddy, two of my favorite actors and then Jimmy Dean, my favorite sausage salesman!

Bad luck of the day--Because WKRC is airing the MotW tonight, they may not show tomorrow's which is the martial arts one.

NOTES: Not sure now what the deal was about them nit showing both Movies of the Week.

Vincent Price and Roddy McDowall, naturally. Jerry Stein was the local movie critic. No idea why I found Jimmy Dean to be so entertaining this evening. He had always seemed a personable sort. My parents and I had enjoyed his early sixties TV series with muppet Rowlf and I had always liked his BIG BAD JOHN record even though I hate most story songs. I even enjoyed him as the Howard Hughes-type reclusive millionaire in the 007 picture, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Apparently Jimmy made a fortune on his sausages, though, and whole future generations would know the name exclusively from that. 

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Raj said...

Watching the movie with Vincent and Roddy right now: The Snoop Sisters "A Black Day for Bluebeard"

(...with some acting from Mort Sahl.)