Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thursday, May 23rd, 1974

I got the new TBG.

I did a lot at work tonight.

Dad stayed home today.

I brought home my Algebra book. We won't need it anymore with only a week until school's out.

I still haven't gotten Monday's paper.

I'm to take the Blue Book test Tuesday now. (Illegible) one next week.

Tomorrow we're supposed to get THE PATRIOT. We get out of 5th period for everyone to have it signed. I never get mine signed anyway. Well, not much. Three in 7th grade and 1 in 8th.

NOTES: THE PATRIOT was the school yearbook. It was a slick paper, photocopied affair made up more like a magazine than a typical hardcover yearbook. 

I am nothing if not sentimental and maybe I'd feel differently if I had actually had a lot of friends in school. I just always felt that immediately having a book defaced seemed a bit drastic. One kid I didn't even like grabbed my 7th grade PATRIOT and signed it. After that I did get two others to sign it. I don't even recall who signed my 8th grade one but I think I managed to keep this new one away from everyone. Everyone else's copies may be all marked up but mine is still mint!

I'm weird.

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