Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wednesday, May 22nd, 1974

I got an A and a B+ on my poems.

At 3rd period, Mr. Howard took myself and 8 others out to discuss the award controversy from yesterday. We came to no definite conclusions and a lot of people remain very upset.

Some lady where Mom works thinks she can get me the missing PEANUTS strip.

BILLY JACK's still on. I have another chance.

I'm supposed to take that Blue Book test tomorrow afternoon.

I watched TARZAN tonight to get an idea of what Ron Ely will be like as DOC SAVAGE. I think he's gonna be great! I really can't wait.

I also saw a special MERV GRIFFIN on location on the set of a new movie called THE KLANSMAN.

NOTES: Okay now these 34 year coincidences are getting weirder. On this date in history I wrote about TV Tarzan Ron Ely. On this date in history in 2012, I contacted Ron Ely regarding an upcoming interview to publicize an appearance!

THE KLANSMAN was a glorified B movie with Richard Burton and the ultimately infamous OJ Simpson. Merv was treating it as an A production with a major publicity boost. Didn't help. 

If I'm remembering correctly, it was all of the students who had been in the running fro the Academic award who were gathered together to be lectured by the Principal, Mr. Howard. The room we were taken to, by the way, was the Music room which happened to be my home room that year so I just sat in my regular seat. I don't believe the actual recipient was there but the girl who walked out in protest the day before was and loudly continued her protest some more. Her argument was that she had been there all three years and he had just moved into the area for the 9th grade. Since I had not only accepted the winner but genuinely believed he deserved it, I sat there reasonably distanced from it all just feeling the tensions in the room. 

The trophy that had been awarded was supposed to go in a trophy case where it would stay forever. The school, however, would only stay as a Junior High for about one or two more years. It sat empty for quite  a while and then reopened as an elementary school again. My son ended up going there for a single year. The first time we visited as parents, I checked the trophy case. The case was still there, adjacent to the office...but there were no trophies from when it had been a Junior High. 

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Tom said...

As cheesy as it was (is), I still love the Ron Ely Doc Savage movie. I have it on dvd and watch it occasionally. I thought he made a much better Doc Savage than Tarzan. Sad to say when I saw you mention you had him scheduled for an interview, I thought, "He's still alive?!" But good to hear.