Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday June 10th, 1974

Yesterday, I found out that Linda would be in AIRPORT, 1975. Today I received her writing address from the ENQUIRER. Tomorrow I'll write her. I hope.

Wasn't sick at all today.

I saw Marlo Thomas and Barry Manilow on TV this morning.

I took the trash out early and so was home to see TARZAN again.

The guy next door gave off hints that he's a teacher and that he would be teaching at CJH next year. Ah, good ol' CJH!

I pray that Linda writes me back. Who knows? Maybe we'll start a long friendship!

I hear from Terry that SUPERDAD is coming near and DELIVERANCE, too. Might see that but probably not. DIGBY maybe?

NOTES: I had mentioned recently about Dean Jones in SNOWBALL EXPRESS. Jones had been Disney's major leading man for several years but behind the scenes had developed a drinking problem. The studio quietly tried replacing him with Ken Berry and, in SUPERDAD, Bob Crane, both squeaky clean types. Only it turned out Crane wasn't at all squeaky clean as he was a sex addict whose reputation by that point was getting the better of him. SUPERDAD reportedly sat on the shelf for a year before finally being released. I wouldn't see it until a few years later on TV. Crane would infamously be murdered not long after I finally saw it. 

Not sure why I noted seeing Barry. I wasn't a big fan of his. Years later, though, my wife would convince me to see a concert and it was the best live concert I had seen up to that time. 

Sigh...this pining over Linda Blair is getting embarrassing. She's one of my Facebook friends. Hope she doesn't see this. 

DELIVERANCE? Really? Doesn't seem like it would have been my type of flick at all at that point.

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