Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday, September 28th, 1974

IT. It'll probably happen again, I guess, but not as often I bet.

We had lots of car troubles. Might get it back from the garage by Monday.

I got two more PEANUTS books.

Saw several folks I know from school on TV's IT'S ACADEMIC as my beloved school barely blew it.


Terry said they called to tell him the STAR TREK thing was postponed for another couple of weeks.

Tomorrow, I hope to catch up on a lot of work.

Was up early this morning with a sore throat so bad I couldn't get back to sleep. It didn't get much better the rest of the day.

NOTES: For the umpteenth time, the past imitates the present or the other way around, I suppose.  IT'S ACADEMIC was a long-running TV game show featuring regional series with teams made up of students from local high schools. I had wanted to be on our school's team. That was the one thing I really wanted that year but for reasons lost to time I was passed over. Can't recall who was on it at this point. Now, in 2012, there's no longer a TV show but the competition still exists and my son is, according to the team sponsor who we met this evening at the parent/teacher conferences, one of its shining stars! After NO wins last year, they are two for two so far this year. 

Actually, IT'S ACADEMIC has a more interesting history than I thought. See here:

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Bebinn said...

that show is still on in Baltimore. i catch it sometimes. i too tried out for my school's team in high school but the questions were too hard for me plus i get nervous in front of strangers.