Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wednesday, October 9th, 1974

I've got lots of tests this week. Boy.

Doug wants to buy an Indian key ring from me because it was in SOLDIER BLUE. Dad brought one from Hawaii.

It's Dodgers vs. the A's.

I finally read SUPERFAN again.

My new story is coming along well so far.


NOTES: Did I write this?  Why would I have cared about the Dodgers and the A's? Why would  I be worried about tests? I liked tests. And most of all--My Dad brought an Indian key ring from Hawaii!!?? My dad was never in Hawaii. When was my dad in Hawaii? I'm so confused!!!!


Raj said...

Superfan! by MAD Magazine's Nick Meglin and Jack Davis!? I happened to buy a copy recently in my MAD collecting...

Booksteve said...

Even though I hate football, I loved SUPERFAN--the original book at least. It was one of the very first books I wrote about on my main blog!

I had to look up "Indian Key Ring" just now. Don't recall ever having one and I am absolutely positive My dad was never in Hawaii. Even in WWII, he was stationed in England, not the Pacific. SMH