Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monday, November 4th, 1974

Terry's birthday!

No school for me today.

Two ITs early this morning. I've come to the conclusion that a woman looks better clothed than nude. I don't mind nudity. In fact, I consider the basic human body an art masterpiece! The way it looks! The way it works! It just does something to me! I think that in nice clothes it does something even more, though!

I'm really into "beauty" lately. Thoughts of walking with a nice girl through lovely snow-covered fields with a happy dog. Oh the very thought of it intoxicates me! Just wish that I could write a scene that good. Or better yet, LIVE it! Ecstasy!

Got TBG in the mail and saw one of my new faces, Chris Connelly, on TATTLETALES.

It rained real hard all day.

Today I got the bright idea of writing Linda Blair's biography. Maybe I should follow through on that.

After a long search, I discovered my TALON poster is missing! After a long search, though, I found it!

RHODA was funny tonight. I saw Harry Blackstone, Jr on MERV. Mind-boggling!

NOTES: It was (and is) Terry's birthday. I'll have to call him later today in 2012 and wish him a happy birthday! Today is also my wife's birthday. In 1974, she was turning 13. 

The nudity thing sounds like more rationalizing out of guilt but I don't know. Even now, I think I agree that a well-dressed woman is sexier looking than a naked one. When I did my only nude photography session a couple of years back, as the photographer, I enjoyed it immensely on several levels...but I've taken better pictures of my lovely model before and since and she's been fully clothed. 

Chris Connelly starred on the TV version of PAPER MOON with Jodie Foster. It didn't last long and he mostly did low-budget action films it seems after that before dying at a youngish age. In one of his very last films, he was the villain in the only official sequel to Franco Nero's classic spaghetti western, DJANGO.

A couple of years ago, I again toyed with the idea of contacting Linda Blair about collaborating on an autobiography. I had a great title this time: MY LIFE: IT WOULD MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN.

And once again, in an odd 2012 parallel, someone in a FB group I'm in posted the Talon poster by Jim Steranko I mention here last week in 2012, followed by a great discussion of same.

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Tom said...

One of my favorite movies as a child was The Incredible Rocky Mountain Race starring Christopher Connelly as Mark Twain. I didn't realize he had died so young.