Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 18th, 1974

We had an assembly this morning where the choir sang. 7 and 8 plus also the rest. One girl i recognized was up there with 7 and 8 but I didn't know any of the others. I took my ST story to school and wrote almost 3 more pages on it.

Dad stayed off again and the TV man finally came. It's working pretty good again now.

When I started this journal I never imagined I'd be working at the Social Security Office for more than half the year. I've grown to hate the job even though it grants me exercise and experience but I enjoy the money so I can't quit now. We had SO much trash tonight! I nearly broke the trash cart!

Saw Tony Orlando's Christmas special and part of THE MISSLES OF OCTOBER.

NOTES: Major computer issues. Don't think anything here needs an explanation so...

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