Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friday, January 11th, 1974

Well, today was a nice day.The weather turned better and I made it to school. On time even.

Terry called off our deal as I expected he would.

Tomorrow I return to Cincy. Picked up some new comics tonight at Scroggins.

NOTES: Around 1969, I discovered Scroggin's Confectionary, a crowded little store about 5 blocks from the main downtown area of Covington. They had more comic books than any of the other drugstores and dimestores and supermarkets where I'd been buying them up to that point. It was run by a woman who, I'm told, had a reputation  for grouchiness and supposedly didn't like kids. She always seemed to like me, though, and at times even gave me free comic books if I didn't have enough money!

Eventually Scroggins became the regular part of my route until I started to go into Cincinnati more often. For several years it was made even better because it was directly across the street from a junk shop that tended to get the absolute best selection of older, used comics in town...for a nickel!

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Tom said...

Ah, the sight of the spinning comic rack brings back memories. I bought mine at the Rexall Drugstore. I had no source for back issues, so if I missed a month, I was out of luck. It wasn't until I was in college that a decent comic store came to town opening up access to comics of years past. Unfortunately, they were a lot more than a nickel...