Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saturday, January 12th, 1974

Today Terry and I came across a great collection of Golden Age comic books and although I could only afford a couple, they were really good ones! I may be able to make it back Monday and get a couple more before they sell out!

NOTES: I had been collecting comic books for eight years by this point but I had never actually owned a Golden Age comic book from the 1940's. The earliest comics I had to that point were late fifties monster comics from Atlas, picked up as nickel back issues in sordid little junk shops that came and went over the years. 

Today, Terry and I made one of our regular stops at Cincinnati's Ohio Book Store and they had just received a shipment of 1940's comic books. They had only recently started dealing with anything related to comics and weren't quite sure what to do with these comics. Most of them they priced between $5.00 and $15.00 in spite of condition. That was a small fortune to my mind at that time! But I had ten bucks that day so I bought two comic books. 

I wanted to get at least one comic featuring characters I had heard about but really didn't know and I wanted to get one featuring favorite characters in ways I had never seen them. So I got the two comics you see above--FIGHTING YANK, which I had only ever read about, and SENSATION COMICS featuring Wonder Woman.

The Ohio Book Store would soon begin actually calling Terry and I whenever they got new shipments of Golden Age comics in! I've learned recently that they did the same for several other collectors.

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