Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monday, January 14th, 1974

Well, I did get back to the Ohio Book Store today and I picked up two more great ones! WHIZ and ALL-AMERICAN! 1948 and 1949.

Also did IT twice, though, but I'm getting over it. If it happens again I think I'll have to get rid of my mag collection.

NOTES: Readers of my 1976 Journal will recall that I never had trouble buying dirty mags. The other kids at school made fun of the fact that I was prematurely greying but I always credited that with why I was never carded at all. Not once. Ever. Ha. Ha. Ha!

Seen above are the two comics I bought this time. I love the Golden Age CAPTAIN MARVEL, arguably the closest thing to a perfect comic book series. And ALL-AMERICAN starred GREEN LANTERN, my favorite of the 1940's DC characters (as seen in the JSA revivals I had loved since '66). The issue I bought here, though, # 100, was a sign of the times in that it cover-featured the debut of cowboy JOHNNY THUNDER who would quickly take over the title as GL disappeared for about 15 years. 


Ace Dan said...

I agree about the Golden Age Captain Marvel. It still holds up today. I have a few of the original issues and a bunch of digests of them that were published in the 70's. Those stories still hold up.

I worked in a used book store while in high school during the 70's. I helped the owner start trading in used comics. I got first pick of all the best stuff. I picked up a lot of early Marvel. Most were in very good shape. I still have the issue of Spiderman with the death of Gwen Stacy.

Booksteve said...

Gwen Stacy's death was one of the few comic book deaths that really affected me. I still miss Gwen.

Ace Dan said...

Same here Steve. As much as I miss her I'm glad they never brought her back (ridiculous clone stories aside). The lose contributed to a lot of Peter Parker's growth. Not to mention that it helped readers realize that a death in the comics didn't always mean a miraculous return. Up until recently the "gold standard" of death in a comic was Bucky Barnes until they decided to bring him back too! Now no death, no matter how final, can't be undone with even the most far-fetched concept.