Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 29th, 1974

I made it to school today after all and almost everything went fine.

IT again! I went ahead and destroyed everything associated with it except for a few photos I tore out and a couple of comics. And to think, I wasn't going to do it at ALL this year. Sheesh!

NOTES: Yeah, I was willing to destroy the comparatively expensive mags but the comics--most likely undergrounds in this case--were safe. I had been buying undergrounds since I was 13 as the guys at what passed for the local "head shop" in downtown Cincinnati had decided I seemed more mature than some of their older customers! I appreciated comix for their freedoms, their politics, their unique art styles, their original thoughts and, of course, their dirty pictures! I wasn't really into Robert Crumb's, though, which is odd as Crumb was a major influence on my own style of art when I drew cityscapes and such in art class.  I loved Corben, though (seen here), along with Bode, Rand Holmes, Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson (now a Facebook friend) and later Gilbert Shelton, Fred Schrier, Larry Welz and Dave Sheridan. 


Raj said...

A couple of shows I watched last week that aired this day:

-The TV Movie "The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped" Karen Valentine as title role. very charming and beautiful! Would've been a crush! (5 year me remembers Valentine but could only go so far with her identity).Richard Long (sad he would pass in the coming December) Tom Bosley, Farrah Fawcett. What a remarkable genre the "TV movie" was!!

-NBC Mystery Movie The Snoop Sisters (Helen Hayes goes pre-Jessica Fletcher with "sister" Mildred Natwick as mystery writer stumbling upon crimes, love Lou Antonio as their assistant Barney, Bert Convy caps off the charm which either grabs me or doesn't) "Fear Is a Free-Throw" had a all-star guest cast to keep my attention, Steve Allen, Bernie Casey, Walter Pidgeon, Bo Svenson, Jack Riley.

Booksteve said...

Check out my BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY blog for a post just the other day in celebration of Karen's 73rd (!) birthday!