Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunday, February 24th, 1974

I finally wrote my pen-pal letter and finished a composition for English.

I watched Steffie and Rocky in movies on TV today.

Mom cut my hair this afternoon and tonight we had the biggest snow we've had all year.

NOTES: "Steffie" and "Rocky" were my pet names for actresses Stefanie Powers and Raquel Welch.

My mom cutting my hair is not something that happened all the time. In fact, I had been raised going to one barber, a Clifton Webb type, and when he died suddenly, I felt lost. I tried going to my Dad's barber, an Ed Wynn type. He nicked my ear. During this period, we were trying other things. Mom had bought this kit that supposedly made it easy to cut other people's hair. It wasn't. She hated it and I hated the results. 


Tom said...

My older brothers (and myself to a certain extent) were treated to home haircuts by my dad when short hair was in style (in my case, no longer in style by the early 70's). But by 5, I was going to a local barber. I associate hair cuts with comic books and candy as there was a Rexall Drug in the same plaza (comic books) and a Ben Franklin Dime Store (candy). Occasionally, we would have lunch at the Burger Chef which was also in the same plaza. The last haircut my barber gave me was for my wedding. He retired shortly afterward. However, the original owner of the shop still operates there and I take my boys to him. The decorations are still the same as when I was going and it's like a step back in time. Unfortunately, the Rexall Drugstore, Ben Franklin and Burger Chef are all long gone.

Raj said...

I checked a Cincinnati Enquirer for this day; ch 19 (WXIX-TV) showed for their afternoon movie fare Stagecoach (1966) with "Steffie" and Fathom (1967) with "Rocky"...

Take a moment to say I picked up on CBS mid-season show Apple's Way with Ronny Cox and Vincent Van Patton; family fare which can't reach the bar of The Waltons. This night's episode had the family take in sick animals for a home zoo. Cox did say in his mushy speech something like where would we be if kids grew not hugging their loved ones or friends (weird to hear in part of our current context, prescient in the other part...)

Gotta go watch this night's installment of McCloud! John Denver is in it!!!!