Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday, March 31st, 1974

Tomorrow is April Fool's day.

I finished my book and watched some more of the telethon.

Mom bought me the new McCartney record and ordered my baseball tickets.

This evening I watched part 1 of THE MOVIES and OSCARS, ACTORS AND THE EXORCIST.

IT twice.

NOTES: I can't recall either of those two TV specials.

IT twice? That was nothing. My record for one day was 5 times. Ahem...

The McCartney record was most likely the single of JET that had come out the month before. Mine was in a simple, plain sleeve. Doubt my mother would have purchased it if it looked like this image!

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Raj said...

A segment of Oscars Actors and the Exorcist was uploaded a couple years back:

(Currently watching the last episode of Barnaby Jones season 2 "Foul Play" aired this night...)