Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday, May 21st, 1974

I had a dream last night that Debbie had moved back. I don't remember much else about it except that she was there and that made it a good dream. I thought of her a lot today. I really wish she'd never moved so far away.

What do you know? I did get an award. I was elected into the National Junior Honor Society. I got a pin, a card, a certificate and a flower. We all had to take an oath.  I think it's one of the best awards. 

I'm glad I didn't win the big one. Dan got it. I really think he deserves it but apparently others didn't. It started fights and one girl even walked out and went home! Oh, well.

The feel of summer is really here. Less than two weeks of junior high school remain.

I passed the Algebra test finally.

Wrote another poem inspired by Linda. I turned both in.

I hope to see SERPICO this weekend. And maybe a couple of others.

I discovered that after two and a half years of collecting, I'd finally missed a PEANUTS strip. Ugh.

NOTES: "So far away." Sigh...Everything's relative. She had moved to an area which is only about 15 minutes away by car. By bus, however, it was nearly an hour and then once you got off at the bus stop, you'd have to walk about two miles through confusing subdivisions. In 1974, my ONLY real source of transportation was the bus.

I was finishing 9th grade which technically means I was finishing my Freshman year of High School but for some bizarre reason when they had revamped my grade school into a Junior High, they added 7th, 8h AND 9th grades. So while I was leaving Junior High, I had already finished my first year f High School, too. Complicated. 

Odd that I seemed to appreciate the National Junior Honor Society thing so much that day as it was never mentioned or referred to again, nor was I ever added to the parent group, the National Honor Society, in spite of my exemplary grades. Why? No clue. As I said, it was literally never brought again. It was like the whole ceremony had simply never happened. I don't even have the pin, the card or the certificate anymore! (or the flower for that matter)

We'll have more to come on the controversy about the top academic award in days to come. Oddly enough, it WAS mentioned again. 

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Bryan W. Frazier said...

I also had my Ninth grade year at my local junior high school !! It was the norm then. ( 1981!! ) Altogether, I had Kindergarten through Sixth grade at Bates Elementary school, ( sadly, it is no longer there. ) Then Grades 7 - 9 at Ramay Junior high school, then on to Fayetteville High for grades 10 - 12 !! That ( plus some college!!) Constitutes my scholastic career!!