Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday, July 27th, 1974

I got two old comics and the new RBH with 3 new Linda pix! Terry got soundtrack albums for PLANET OF THE APES and GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD.

We also went to to the S.T.A.R. meeting at the Cincy Public Library. There were about 25 trekkies there and most of them turned out to be comics fans, too. We waited until after 43 but the people running it never showed up. We all stood around discussing things and and had copies made of each other's names and numbers to stay in touch. Maybe one of them will call. We went back around 4 but no one had arrived yet and even the other fans had gone. Now I mean...these were MY kind of fans! I hope someone does call. Some of the girls were pretty...especially one.

I think I should write Debbie. Too shy to call her again.

IT twice again. I destroyed all of my "film" mags, even the ones I just bought the other day. Felt better about it after that.

Naturally tonight of all nights I stayed up to see STAR TREK.

Earlier, I had part of the CBS radio show. They were doing DRACULA with THE EXORCIST's "demon voice," Mercedes MCambridge.

NOTES: Not Debbie again! Sigh...

The S.T.A.R thing was supposed to be a gathering of trekkies with the intent of forming a local fan club and maybe putting on a local convention. I think I had seen mention of it in the newspaper. No idea what happened to the folks that were supposed to be running it but we would hear from them again.

"RBH" stood for RONA BARRETT'S HOLLYWOOD, one of two above-average show biz mags of that period to which the famed gossip columnist lent (licensed) her name. I doubt she had much hands on experience running them. In 2012, this very week, Terry tells me he's found a box of old issues I can have if I want to come pick them up!

DRACULA was the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER adaptation. Here's a link to where you can listen to the entire episode right now.

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