Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday, September 19th, 1974

A bad day. Most Thursdays are now. I got my locker stuck again. I had to take that GATB test which about made me sick just by the ridiculousness of it. In Gym, we played touch football on the practice field. Having never played the game before, I didn't know how to play and had no idea what I was doing. I still don't. As a matter of fact, I probably know even less now.

We got out early which should have been great but wasn't. I ended up walking home because of the long wait for the bus. My back was hurting terrible. I don't know why.

At Woolworth's, I got another mag with more on Linda and Marie. Mom brought me home an article about Roddy from a mag at her work. I may send Marie a birthday card. Her birthday's soon.

Dad went to pitch horseshoes so it was just Mom and I tonight at work. We split up his parts. Somebody over there had a catalog of dirty jokes, novelties, tricks, etc. Was interesting but dumb.

Talked to Doug. Yesterday at the golf thing, he met Jim Scott and Jack Nicklaus. No autographs, though.

NOTES: GATB is "General Aptitude Test Battery." Normally I liked standardized tests and breezed through them. No idea why this was apparently different. 

As previously stated, the Gym teacher, from what I understand a very popular man with everyone except me, seemed to treat every "class" like practice for the guys on his teams. The rest of us were treated like cannon fodder when not being ridiculed or ignored completely. No offense to my ex-classmates but I was there and this was the way I felt then and the way I still remember him.

Golf thing? No clue. This may have been the brief period I was mildly infatuated with Saturday afternoon Golf programs on TV. Never played real golf and was never good at miniature golf. 

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Analogmoon said...

I still have my General Aptitude Test Battery scores. I was looking at them the other day.