Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday, September 4th, 1974

Things went breezy at schol. I now have got all my books except for Geometry which is sold out! Spanish wasn't that hard and I got out of English all together. I caught the earliest bus back and avoided the crowds. I got off at Woolworths and picked up the Fall Preview TV GUIDE as well as THE STAR for an Evel article (as well as a Bruce lee one!).

Trouble is we fixed my glasses so well last night that I forgot they were broken and so forgot to stop in town for my test!

Got all nostalgic again. Oh, how I wish the "good old days" were still here!

Watched the debut of THAT'S MY MAMA tonight. Pretty good.

NOTES: THAT'S MY MAMA was an African-American sitcom starring Clifton Davis and Theresa Merritt. I thought it was pretty funny, especially Teddy Wilson and a pre-LOVE BOAT Ted Lange in supporting roles. It lasted only 39 episodes over two seasons. Last year, I watched a marathon of them on TV and they held up better than other, more successful, "black" sitcoms of the day such as GOOD TIMES and SANFORD AND SON. 

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Raj said...

"That's My Mama" was definitely an early TV memory for me, around 3-4 years old living in Princess Anne, MD about to move almost an hour to Salisbury the next year. Honestly considered the show a figment of my imagination until a local station played a mini-marathon of TMM's on a Sunday afternoon (around 1986, when Clifton Davis got a career resurgence on Amen...)

(Well, about to start the '74-'75 season....)