Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monday, September 2nd, 1974

Labor Day. I watched Jerry Lewis all day from about 7:30 AM. Last night and today, I finally got to see and hear Lena Zavaroni. Been hearing about her. Last night I didn't like her but now I've decided to get her album.

It rained all day again.

I'm very worried about tomorrow. My first Gym day, my last Spanish day and I still have to find the bookstore to get my books!

I see where Clint will be on TV next Monday night in JOE KIDD.

NOTES: Okay, I thought we mentioned having Gym class already. And what's this about my LAST Spanish class? I was THERE so if I'm this confused I can only imagine how YOU feel!

Raining all day here in 2012, also. 

Speaking of things never changing, here I was talking about Clint Eastwood on TV and guess what I've done--like much of America--for the past couple of days here in 2012?

It was, of course, the Jerry Lewis MD telethon I was watching. I saw firefighters out collecting for it today so I guess it will be on somewhere tomorrow, Jerry-less like last year and truncated down to just a few hours.

Lena Zavaroni was a guest that year, a precociously phenomenal 11 year old Scottish singer who had been getting quite a bit of press. She never really caught on in the uS but apparently did in the UK where she had hit records and eventually her own talk show. Sadly, she struggled with Anorexia  for most of her life and died at age 36. I never did end up getting her album.

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