Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday, November 16th, 1974

I had a marvelous dream last night. When it was over this morning I felt like I had actually lived it!

Someone tried to siphon the gas out of Dad's car today! Well, we discovered it today. If he's smart he won't put it back in that crazy garage.

A shocking revelation. Linda Blair does actually smoke! Ahhhh, disillusionment.

Saw part of Patty Duke's movie BILLIE. Always liked it.

At 4:30, Terry, his Mom and I went to see THE STREET FIGHTER. We saw it all right but I think I'd like a regular X-rated (sex) movie much better. This thing had some of the most ridiculous, senseless and impossible violence I've ever seen on-screen. Those were the "X-rated" fight scenes. The ending stopped with the revelation of a sequel which I declare now I WON'T see. In fact I think I'm swearing off kung-fu movies. I'm really into beauty more than violence these days. And a message. That's what I'm expecting from THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK tomorrow.

The new Bruce Lee flick is called THE GREEN HORNET and it's rated PG. Bruce never indulged in senseless ruthlessness. He always had purpose and style.

Got the rest of the new books including the 3rd annual RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER.

I passed up the serial DON DAREDEVIL RIDES AGAIN in favor of WHERE EAGLES DARE with Eastwood and Burton.

Our telephone finally got fixed today.

NOTES: This just in--in the latest tie-in to 2012, I have a new DVD of WHERE EAGLES DARE sitting behind me on a table right here. Still haven't seen DON DAREDEVIL RIDES AGAIN (although I bet I could find it easy enough on the Web). It stars TV's Festus, Ken Curtis, as an ersatz Zorro.

Rudolph was an annual comic book that came out in the fifties. DC had recently revived it in its oversized tabloid format and this was the 3rd year it had been released. Much fun with Sheldon Mayer art!

THE STREET FIGHTER starred Sonny Chiba, previously the star of kids sci-fi flicks in the sixties and later a cult favorite lionized by Quentin Tarentino. There WAS a sequel. I didn't see it.

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