Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday, August 27th, 1974

IT! Last time! I swear!

Last day before school. I'm basically prepared except that I got up at 4:30 this morning and I'll need to get up early tomorrow, too. Boy, am i nervous! All those people I haven't seen in years. Could be a lot of those people who hate me there, too. I 'll get through it. I just hope I can do it quick--adjust that is. That place is 5 times bigger than CJH! WOW! I miss the old school already.

CARNAL KNOWLEDGE is back in theaters but I doubt I'll ever see it. I don't know much about it anyway but I do like Ann-Margret and Arthur Garfunkel.

After months of nothing, I finally finished my Avengers vs Defenders notebook.

We got to work very early tonight but I didn't get finished 'til 7:30. I was in no hurry to get to tomorrow.

NOTES: Never did see CARNAL KNOWLEDGE. Doesn't look good to me even now.

I took the Avengers vs Defenders notebook apart at some point. I still have the comics with the binder holes in them, though.

Boy, was I nervous. The school, as I discussed last year on my 1976 blog, is huge! It's a high school but it's on a large campus with three major buildings and a number of smaller ones, two parking lots, two athletic fields. It's huge! Now that my son attends the same school, they have even MORE buildings! We got won out just walking around to meet his new teachers last week! 

The interesting thing was when we ran into my own 10th grade geometry teacher--who I was about to meet on the next day here in 1974. He is STILL there!

The reason I was worried about seeing people I hadn't seen in years was that many of the students I attended grade school with had moved to other parts of the city and attended other junior high schools. Holmes, however, was the ONLY high school in the city limits so many of them would be back in my classes.


Kirk G - The Thrifty Rocketeer said...

Amazing that you never saw "Carnal Knowledge". It would have fit in perfectly with your self-experiences in your blog. It's a well-made movie about how a man's sexual/emotional development changes over time. They tried to ban is as porn at one time, but it beat the rap!

Booksteve said...

There are a lot of folks involved with the movie CARNAL KNOWLEDGE whose work I admire but I was never a big Jack Nicholson fan and by this point, I already didn't like Mike Nichols as a director because I didn't like THE GRADUATE. Add that to the fact that we lived in essence in "Censor-Natti," Ohio, where CARNAL KNOWLEDGE had become a big issue for a while almost as if it were DEEP THROAT. This is the city where OH, CALCUTTA! was booked to play the Shubert Theater with a live touring cast but the city threatened to shut it down. Ultimately, the theater ran it on a live, closed circuit TV broadcast from another theater in another city!

By the way, I am a big fan of Nichols and May. I just don't care for either of them as a director!

Bryan W. Frazier said...

I remember an episode of" All In The Family" in which Archie and Edith were coming home from seeing" Carnal Knowledge!! " ( They did not like the film!! )