Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday, October 20th, 1974

Terry welshed on his promise by not going to THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT with me. From now on I just won't ask him to go anywhere! THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT stands a chance of making my lower Top Ten.

Also saw a preview of EARTHQUAKE.

I wrote my seven page science report on Apollo 11. I almost didn't make it. I missed the Beatles show because of it.

Picked up one more new comic. IRON FIST.

Mom got me a new lock, boots, pants, coat and shirt yesterday. I am so ready for winter.

I've decided to try to get a job as Mary Wood's assistant. Not right now but soon. Mary's talked with Linda! Who knows? I might get to yet.

I might order a HANNIE CAULDER poster.

I watched Steffie on McMILLAN AND WIFE.

NOTES: I remember just getting lost in THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT that day. It was already a year or two old but was on re-release. I was one of only a few in the theater--the Skywalk. I bought the soundtrack soon after. Had it up until a few weeks ago when I divested myself of my LP collection.

IRON FIST was a very well-done comic at first but the character was later incongruously teamed with Luke Cage (Power Man). Didn't work for me.

Mary Wood, as I mentioned before, was the longtime TV editor for THE CINCINNATI POST and I had already met her. It coulda worked.

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