Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday, January 8th, 1974

Well, tomorrow's my birthday and I'll be 15 years old! Maybe for my birthday, I'll finally get to see BOLT this next weekend along with BLACK BELT JONES! " Black Bolt Jones." Ha, ha, ha, ha!

NOTES: In the actual journal, you can see where I had started to write the second movie title first and then accidentally mixed up the two and wrote BLACK BOLT and crossed it out. Thus the joke above, " Black Bolt" being the leader of The Inhumans in Marvel comics.

15. Wow. And now, tomorrow in 2012,  53. So much hope then and so much wasted potential over the years. Ah, well...

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Dougie said...

I was so touched,reading your blog. It reminds me spookily of my own diaries in rural Scotland in the 70s: reading Marvel Comics and Logan's Run; power cuts and failing exams; sudden, vivid crushes. Geekdom is international, it seems.