Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, October 18th, 1974

In Spanish class, we went to "The Lab," a strange futuristic place I didn't like. It actually gave me a headache. At least the time seemed to pass fast.

The bus was really, really crowded!

PLANET OF THE APES was good tonight. Real good.

I never go to finish my new books yet.

I worked some on my scrapbooks tonight.

Yoshiko sent me two tiny pineapple leaves. That was nice.

NOTES: It's odd how much lately I don't recall in the slightest but "The Lab" is yet another forgotten memory.

Yoshiko was my Japanese pen-pal for those who've forgotten.

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Raj said...

It was a great Planet of the Apes episode. "Tomorrow's Tide" the guys are caught as slaves forced to fish for the apes. They're forced to grapple with a shark 8-9 months that was put on full blast! Roscoe Lee Browne is the guest under the mask.

Really came around to this show. Naughton, Harper and McDowell's banter is strong enough to rid me of the bad taste Chopper One left me last TV season...