Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monday, August 5th, 1974

IT. But I'm pretty sure I can avoid IT from this point on. I'm beginning to think in more realistic terms. 
I saw the last PASSWORD special today after watching it most of the past four weeks. It was really something! Especially the ending!

Bill Cosby on MERV again with my favorite ex-bunny, Barbi Benton. 

I began writing a fantasy story (first draft) about time paradoxes. A fascinating topic. 

I watched most of the Early Movie with Jim Scott hosting. It was a good story about a man and his crew and passengers stranded in a lifeboat.  ABANDON SHIP. Tyrone Power.

Next time I'm over in Cincy, I'm gonna check through all the old LIFE mags at OBS to find the BARBARELLA poster I traded Terry last week. Smart, eh?

NOTES: Barbi Benton had been Hef's girlfriend and had appeared in the mag and on the cover but she was never a centerfold nor a bunny, What did I know? Always seemed like such a nice girl. She became a familiar face on HEE HAW and many TV guest appearances and even released a few not bad albums. She also starred in the movie I consider the worst I have ever seen--X-RAY! Earlier this year, I had her address and was considering writing to see if I could interview her but never had the time.

ABANDON SHIP was an obvious variation on LIFEBOAT but not bad. I was never a big Power fan, though, even though he came from Cincinnati.

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