Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday, November 9th, 1974

I ventured my first visit to The Studio this afternoon to see two marx Brothers movies. Almost bought a Marx Brothers book on the way home, too. While I was at Kidd's, I saw several people from that STAR TREK thing but I never spoke.

On my way back, I saw Sait from my Spanish class at the terminal. Seems he's a movie lover and book reader, too.

I've almost decided to dedicate my next scrapbook to Barbi Benton if Terry comes through with those pics he promised.

Saw THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE and gorgeous Helen Reddy on with Carol Burnett tonight.

Mom got me two pieces of poster paper and I worked on a collage for myself.

Picked up a new PEANUTS book at King Kwik this morning.

Just heard the buses are wanting to go on strike tonight at midnight! Boy! If they do, that'll be an even bigger headache for me this next week!

NOTES: The Studio was a pair of small cinemas in Cincinnati's PLAYBOY Club building. Over the next few years, it would become one of my favorites. Around this time, there were no less than nine downtown Cincinnati movie screens (and one more in downtown Covington). Within a decade, most would close. By now, all of them are long gone. So sad.

Actually, there were two more screens, even! The one straggling adult cinema lasted into the early eighties by clipping all the actual sex scenes out of its movies! The other was an actual grindhouse in the Over the Rhine section of town. They didn't advertise in the newspapers and rarely showed anything you'd ever heard of. Sometimes they were missing reels even and the prints were unwatchable. But incredibly they stayed open long after many others closed. When that area was rehabbed over the past few decades, it would have been nice if they had rehabbed the theater but no. 

In yet another odd parallel between 1974 and 2012, Sait and I recently reconnected on Facebook. He now lives directly across the street from where I was living in 1974! I told him about this post. Hi, Sait!

I was very dependent on buses at this time. I had many of the routes and schedules memorized. I could still get to school without them but it was a 25 block walk. I could still get to Cincinnati but it was a walk across a long bridge. My feet really didn't want them to go on strike that night!

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