Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday, November 6th, 1974

Mr. K was absent today. In club period, my class had to go to Study Hall. No teacher at all.

My horoscope said something about not hiding romantic feelings today. Coming home, I missed my bus. Doug's sister sat with me on the second one. I overheard Vernon say something that made me think that's all it meant.

I picked up a lot of stuff for my collage but forgot the poster paper.

Tonight I saw Marvin Hamlisch on a Danny Thomas TV special but had to miss Steffie on PETROCELLI.

NOTES: PETROCELLI was a two season TV series starring Barry Newman, star of such minor cult hits as VANISHING POINT and FEAR IS THE KEY, as a married lawyer. The great character actor Albert Salmi, himself tragically involved in a murder-suicide a few years later, co-starred.

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Raj said...

Watching Steffie and Petrocelli right now! "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall". Really enjoying this show; Barry Newman is a powerful actor. Salmi was nice comic relief too. Didn't know about his tragic end; Sad!