Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunday, November 10th, 1974

Terry sold his 1941 Christmas comic to Comic Corner for 39 bucks! He only paid 15 for it! I may go with him next week with some to sell myself.

I watched HELP again.

Mom bought me the new McCartney record as well as The Hudson Brothers' first single!

We also got a thing to help us take out trash. It was a bit hard to put together but I did it.

Got part of my school collage together today.

IT. Sorry.

NOTES: The Beatles' HELP isn't a great movie like A HARD DAY'S NIGHT but it is fun and just incredibly nostalgic for me. Great snow scenes.

Seems like the "new thing" was a cart that you could put two or three trash cans on and pull it along rather than us having to carry each individual (and often very heavy) metal can around the building through our yard. Seems like there were about a dozen cans in all that had to go out weekly. 

The Hudson Brothers record was a lovely thing entitled, "So You Are a Star." Listening to it now, I hear a combination of Badfinger, Bee Gees and Beatles. The brothers were more successful as TV comics than as record sellers, though. And in the end, they're sadly still a trivia question. 


The Groovy Agent said...

So You Are a Star was indeed a thing of beauty. Written (or at least co-written?) by Bill for Goldie Hawn, it is a haunting and timeless ballad. I guess it didn't go along with their TV personalities as the "new Marx Brothers".

Tom said...

I know this is sacrilege, but I actually like Help! better than Hard Day's Night. It's probably because I saw both when I was a kid and the zaniness of Help! appealed to me more than the higher level British humor of Hard Day's Night.

Booksteve said...

I like HELP much better, actually. I don't think it comes NEAR being as good a movie but that's never stopped me from liking it better. Put it this way, I have the fancy two disc DVD restoration of HELP from a few years back and my HARD DAY'S NIGHT is on VHS, taped from cable 30 years ago.