Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday, November 7th, 1974

I went over the river after school and picked up a few new mags including CREEPY with Corben's color adaptation of THE RAVEN.

Saw Steffie on HARRY O and found out that in Linda's next TV film she'll be a teenage alcoholic. She sure knows how to avoid the easy roles!

NOTES: HARRY O was a David Janssen TV series best remembered for Farrah Fawcett's semi-regular role, pre-CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

Linda Blair's next movie turned out to be SARAH T: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC, featuring what was arguably her best performance to date. 

Rich Corben is an artist with a unique color art style that incongruously made a splash in the black and white warren comic books. 

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