Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday, November 8th, 1974

I think we get off early next Thursday. If so, I may go see THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK. GOLD opens this week, too. Both will be together at the Gold Circle Cinemas, opening Wednesday by GCC.

Watched PLANET OF THE APES tonight. There's a drawing of Roddy as Galen on the wall in English class! CONQUEST is on TV next week. (So is DOCTOR NO!) Just watched it again last week but I may catch it yet again next week!

For about an hour tonight I totally flipped out over my numero uno flick of last year, ENTER THE DRAGON. TA DA!!

NOTES: Hmm...I don't recall the Gold Circle Cinemas at all. Don't think I ended up ever going there. Wonder what "GCC" means? Seems like it should be Gold Circle Cinemas but in context that doesn't make sense. Oh, well. Gold Circle itself was a department store that we never shopped at. I mean never. In fact, the only time I recall going there was midnight Christmas shopping with a girl in 1980, still 6 years away here. Gold Circle went out of business or changed its name sometime in the eighties I believe.


Captain Blog said...

GCC may be Gold Circle Cinemas. You could have left and come back, forgetting you had mentioned it?
Shot in the dark.

Unknown said...

GCC was a large cinema chain, General Cinema Corporation. I was working at one as an usher in 1974 while I was in high school. Here's the pre-movie bumper they used, with a little instrumental jingle that brings back memories.

- Mike C.